Elemental Concentrations at Capo Cavallo (Corsica) from 1985 to 1988

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Daily aerosol samples

You can find here bulk data as Microsoft Excel 5 folder (220 Ko) or Text File (55 Ko) for Na, Al, Si, P, S, Ca, Mn, Fe, Co, Cu, Zn and Pb. Data are expressed as ng of element per cubic meter of air.

Graphs are available for Na and Al.

Total deposition

You can find here bulk data as Microsoft Excel 5 folder (220 Ko) or Text File (55 Ko) for Na, Al, Si, P, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn and Pb. Data are expressed inµg/cm²/d

Graphs are available for Al and Pb.

Analyses were conducted by XRF (X ray Fluorescence) using a thin layer method. For the solid phase, and by Atomic Absorption for the soluble elements.

Please, read the relevant publications if you are interested by these data, and contact G. Bergametti or R. Losno before use. Total deposition data are from E. Remoundaki.

Remerciement: La Marine Française et son personnel pour son aide (1985-1987).

Acknowledgments: French Navy for help (1985-1987).

Relevant publications:

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