SOLAS-France national annual report.

SOLAS - IGAC France joint open meeting

Chemistry, Transport and Biogeochemistry feedback: Frontiers in Chemistry, Physics and Biology

SOLAS-IGAC France joint open meeting will occur in Paris in June 2011: 29th and 30th on the campus of the Paris7 Denis-Diderot University. Amphi 4C (!!NEW!!), Halle aux Farines. The conference will start at 10:00 AM allowing morning travel for people who lives far.

Sponsored by Université Paris 7 Denis Diderot (UFR de Chimie) and INSU.

This workshop is open to a larger community than SOLAS-IGAC members.

Why a joint SOLAS-IGAC meeting?

SOLAS (Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study,, as well as IGAC ( are international actions which can have a common interest: Atmosphere. IGAC is dedicated to studying the chemical composition of the atmosphere and its impact on climate and air quality. The research conducted in SOLAS extends from the physical transport of matter and energy in ocean, water and air, atmospheric chemistry and photochemistry at the interface of these two systems. SOLAS program covers the study of biogeochemical cycles in the ocean-atmosphere interface, which includes:

These themes feed directly on the issues of atmospheric chemistry community in terms of stress sources and sinks of reactive species to short or long life. Improved parameterizations of emissions and deposition of halogenated species, sulfur and nitrogen and aerosols (DMS, marine aerosols, ...) is such a major challenge for both communities to an understanding of the coupled climate pollution in the Earth system.

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Guest speaker

Alex Baker (SES, UEA, Norwich, UK) will give an invited conference entitled: Climatological estimates of atmospheric nutrient deposition to the Atlantic Ocean - problems and potential.

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