SOLAS-IGAC Paris 2010

Name Surname Lab Authors pdf    Title
Gilali Abdelaziz ICMC

Carole Aghnatios LISA

Alex Baker SES-UEA A.Baker
Climatological estimates of atmospheric nutrient deposition to the Atlantic Ocean - problems and potential
Elisabeth Bon Nguyen LISA

Jacqueline Boutin LOCEAN J. Boutin, L. Barbero, L. Merlivat
High frequency variability observed by CARIOCA drifters in Winter - A starting point for future studies
Raluca Ciuraru PC2A Raluca CIURARU, Nicolas VISEZ, Sylvie GOSSELIN, Denis PETITPREZ X Heterogeneous reactivity of atomic chlorine with aerosol particles of atmospheric interest in the marine boundary layer
Jean-Louis Colin LISA

Aurélie Colomb OPGC A. Colomb, R.Paris, K.Desboeufs, R.Losno, B. Bonsang, V.Gros, J. Williams, N. Yassaa, S. Belviso X Impact on OCEANIC Frontal ZONES on atmospheric TRACE GASES composition
Barbara D'Anna IRCELYON

Véronique Garçon LEGOS Véronique Garçon, Christoph Garbe, Joël Sudre, Boris Dewitte, Hussein Yahia, Aurélien Paulmier and Isabelle Dadou
Climatically-active gases in the Eastern Boundary Upwelling and Oxygen Minimum Zone (OMZ) systems
Cécile Guieu LOV Guieu Cécile, Ridame Céline, Pulido-Villena Elvira, Bressac Matthieu, Blain Stéphane, Wagener Thibaut, Dulac Francois, Desboeufs Karine, Leblond Nathalie, Jean-Baptiste Luce, Stemman Lars, Obernesterer Ingrid, Doxaran David, Bourrin François
Atmospheric deposition onto oligotrophic marine systems: new insights from mesocosm studies
Alexie Heimburger LISA A.Heimburger, R. Losno, S. Triquet, E. Bon and A. Perot X Dust deposition over South Ocean measured at Crozet an Kerguelen Island
Violaine Jacq LOCEAN

Emilie Journet LISA Journet E., Balkansky Y and Harrison S.
A new mineralogical database for atmospheric dust to estimate soluble iron fluxes to surface ocean.
Sandra Lafon LISA

Benoit Laurent LISA

Nathalie Lefevre LOCEAN Nathalie Lefèvre, Domingos Urbano, F. Gallois and Denis Diverrès
The role of the salinity on the CO2 variability in the western tropical Atlantic
Marina Levy LOCEAN M. Lévy, M. Lengaigne, L. Bopp, E. Vincent, G. Madec, C. Ethé, D. Kumar, V. Sarma
Huricanne Impacts on Air-Sea CO2 Fluxes
Claire Lo Monaco LOCEAN

Rémi Losno LISA R. Losno, S. Triquet, E. Bon, A.S. Chevallier and A. Heimburger X Mercury total deposition at Kerguelen Island
Anna Lourantou LOCEAN Anna Lourantou & Nicolas Metzl
Variability of CO2 fluxes in the NE part of the Kerguelen Plateau (Indian sector of the Southern Ocean) at a seasonal to decadal scale
Marie-Dominique Loye-Pilot

Marc Mallet AERO M. Mallet, M. Chami, B. Gentili, R. Sempere and P. Dubuisson X Impact of sea-surface aerosol radiative forcing on the oceanic primary production
Celine Mari AERO Céline Mari
IGAC activities and their links with the SOLAS program.
Béatrice Marticorena LISA

Jorge Martinez-Rey LSCE

Lilliane Merlivat LOCEAN Nathalie Lefèvre and Liliane Merlivat X Biological net community production (NCP)of carbon and oxygen based on high frequency measurements of fCO2 and O2 on a Pirata mooring in the tropical Atlantic
Barbara Nozière IRCELYON Barbara Noziere, Christine Baduel, Sanna Ekström
Biosurfactants on aerosols: a link between biogenic activity and cloud formation?
Jean-Daniel Paris LSCE

Rodolphe Paris LISA

Dominique Pasquerault Ed. Nat.

Jacques Pelon LATMOS

Denis Petitprez PC2A

François Prevot LGE

Christine Provost LOCEAN

Elvira Pulido LMGEM Elvira Pulido-Villena and the DUNE team
Dust pulses enhance bacterial mineralization of dissolved organic matter in P-depleted waters : results from mesocosm experiments in the Mediterranean Sea (DUNE project)
Virginie Racapé LOCEAN Racape V., Metzl N., Pierre C.
Anthropogenic carbon changes in the North Atlantic Subpolar Gyre: what do we learn from δ13C ?
Teresa Raventos LISA

Céline Ridame LOCEAN

Diana Ruiz Pino LOCEAN Diana Ruiz Pino et Jean Pierre Béthoux
Salinity and biologic pump role in the atmospheric CO2 from Tertiary period to present time.

Karine Sellegri LaMP K. Sellegri, B. D'Anna, N. Marchand and R. Sempere
Sources of marine aerosol from the Mediterranean sea as a function of the sea water biochemical composition and photochemical conditions: the SAM project
Richard Sempere LMGEM Richard Sempéré, Julien Para, Bruno Charrière, Marc Tedetti
UV radiation and CDOM in Mediterranean Sea
Joelle Tassel SHOM

SHOM short presentation
Jennie Thomas LATMOS

Sophie Tran LSCE Tran S., Bonsang B., Gros V., Peeken I., Sarda-Esteve R.
Influences of biology and water masses on the variability of the marine source of CO and NMHC in the Arctic Ocean in summer 2010.
Eric Viollier LGE

Thibault Wagener LOPB Thibaut Wagener, Kathrin Wuttig, Anna Dammshäuser, Matthieu Bressac, Peter Streu, Cecile Guieu, Peter L. Croot X Temporal Changes in trace metal concentrations during an artificial dust deposition to Large Mesocosms (DUNE-2 Experiment)